This is a promo for Annecy International Animation Film Festival. I did this to express how animation breaks the boundary between reality and illusion.


Annecy promo - Touch of illusion


Sketches & Color



    Animating hands is an important part of this promo. To visualize the best image of a magical touch, hands must be well animated. Many references are taken and many layers and puppets are applied.

    Finally, hands are presented well in this film.


    Fishes in the illusion world have two layers of meaning. Fish symbolizes the origin of lives, as hypothesis about ocean creatures are the first lives on earth are the most well accepted theory. As animation is the media which gives life to characters, the first meaning I wanted to express in the film "Touch of illusion" is creating lives in imaginary world. Second, weird shapes of fishes emphasizes the creation in the illusion world. The difference between reality and fantasy is weirdness and imagination. Creating unreal shapes can differentiate these two worlds. Combines these two meanings, here are the fishes.