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    I joined the team of BUCK at the beginning of 2021, and becomes a full-time Jr. 2D animator in July, 2021. My contribution are mainly focused as a cel animator and storyboard artist on different projects. On this page, there is a selection of some projects. 

    Playing a role as a 2D cel animator, I animated for the award-wining We Are Playgrounds` opening titles. Here is information about the project and my name on the credit for animation:
    And some more detail is on BUCK site:

Explosion spotlight_gif.gif

In 2022, I worked as a storyboard artist and a cel animator in Bored Ape Yacht Club trailers. My contribution was FX and characters 2D animations. 
Here are some animation examples and processes.


These animation are later added on top of 3D or 2D works. Full film are ready here:

    I worked as an animator on The Miracle of Morning - the 10th episode of We the people, and as a previs artist on Stronger - the 9th episode. They are now streaming on Netflix.

    In the summer of 2021, I had the opportunity to work on episode of Wide Load Vacay with Director Sean Mcclintock and many talented BUCK animators and designers. My role in this project was storyboarding and cel animating. My pleasure to rough out character poses and dancing animations including intro. It was super fun to work on a project that is full of happiness and stupidness. Below is a selection of my animation roughs. For more info of this whole project please visit

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